About Chameleon Clogs

Creating Handmade Clogs and Sandals as Unique as You are!

In 1999 I began my journey with a BFA in weaving and sculpture background. I started a nonprofit project called Endless Possibilities in Manteo, NC, rag weaving unsaleable cloth and clothing goods donated to the thrift stores and selling the finished woven goods to raise money for the crisis center and women’s shelter run by Outer Banks Hotline. In 2004, we raised over $120,000.00 in art sales from woven rugs.

Rabiah - About Us PageThat year two women came into the center and requested a woven textile to use in their clog line.  What a fun idea, we all thought!!!  I spent the next two years developing the cloth: its weight, sett, density, materials to use and not use.. and Voila!  Our first line of woven clogs was made for us by a cobbler in the Midwest.

After many years of this, I was able to take over the clog design company called Chameleon Clogs, and I eventually started asking other companies if they would be interested in making clogs for my collection with different shapes and styles.  Dansko and Sanita stole my ideas and came out with their felted and fabric clogs that year 🙁  BUT.. I did get an offer from Dala Trading Company in Kansas. They were wanting to sell their clog factory and move back to Sweden. They also offered me the training to make the clogs the correct way by a master clog maker of almost 40 years! What an honor. As a craftsperson, my techniques and craftsmanship are very important to me. I love it! I invested in the company and have been making my own line of clogs and sandals now for over five years. My bases are all imported Swedish and Italian wooden, orthopedic carved soles. Made from Lime and Alder Wood, which is a lightweight, absorbent and renewable resource in Sweden and Poland. For happy, healthy, and comfortable feet

I want to make you happy with your new shoes! So please feel free to browse through my collection. I hand make each pair, so custom orders are not extra. I encourage it! Please email  me with any questions you may have. even if you think its silly… I can do wide or narrow designs for you. high insteps are no problem!!!

Cant wait to meet you! 🙂


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