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Creating clogs and sandals as Unique as you are


In this day and age of mass produced footwear, it can be very tempting to go to your favorite department store and try on shoes until you find the “perfect” fit, color and shape. If you’ve ever worn braces, you know that they are built for your teeth, specifically. Why shouldn’t shoes be built the same way? Well, they are!

Here at Chameleon Clogs, we specialize in custom built footwear that is both fashionable, and therapeutic. We know that men, women, and children of all ages have podiatric ailments or jobs that typically require shoes that leave fashion out of the equation, and have looked high and low for footwear to solve this problem. We offer many options for custom made footwear to support your body medically, and your pride aesthetically.

There are many people that think that footwear must either be fashionable, or healthy, and that is no longer the case. You will find that hand made, custom built orthopedic sandals, and clogs, are perfect for most everyone who wears them. Wouldn’t you feel and look better in a an article of clothing built to your specifications, rather than your general demographic’s?

If you are seeking the latest and greatest in fashionable footwear, whether designed with the beach, or the runway in mind, you should look for a local footwear designer. They will be able to measure your feet, and give you a specific recommendation. The fruits of this discovery will provide you with the most comfortable, and fashionable pair of shoes, sandals, or clogs, that you could ever hope for. Don’t feel limited by your feet, make your shoes work for you!

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